Light Blue SunI am seeing life differently. My awareness is continuing to expand. I am realizing more and more the truth in things. It is easy to notice the lies and the untruths in myself and in the world. I am choosing to align with the truth. I am aligning with my true purpose. I am allowing compassion to flow. I am kind and thoughtful. I share my wisdom freely. I am open to learn new ways of being. I am organized. I am calm. I am flexible. I give myself time to contemplate. I am listening to my inner wisdom. I am seeing the world with new eyes. I am ready and willing for change. I am enjoying my dance with life. I am allowing myself more ease and acceptance of myself. I always know the correct thing to do. I speak truth clearly and freely. I am open to new conversations and information. I am letting go of things that are not necessary. I am open to growth, expansion, and higher vibration. I am pleased with my life and excited about all the new doors opening for me.Yes!

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