Orange SunI am settled in my being. I am allowing myself to fully occupy my body. I feel good about myself. I am worthy of all good things. I love who I am. I easily take in oxygen. My needs are always met. I am accomplishing great things. I like where I am going in life. I have what it takes to be successful. I am successful in all that I do and be. I am moving forward with ease. People hear me and understand. I am easily flowing with life. I have stamina and endurance. I am enjoying the simple pleasures in my life. I choose to enjoy life to the fullest. Things always work out for me. I am present to experience each moment. I feel the freedom that I have. I am free to be my true self. I choose to nurture myself. I like occupying my body. I like feeling free, feeling free to be me. I like each new experience that I have and I learn from all of them. I know I am going in the right direction and that feels good to me. I have learned from my past and then I let it go. I move forward, rejoicing in each new day, each new experience. I’m choosing fun. I’m choosing playfulness. I’m choosing laughter. I am settled in my being and it feels good to move through life in that way. Yes!

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