Dark green sunI am silent when it’s needed. There are times when going within is the correct thing to do. Keeping silent and listening to my heart. I am being patient. I can slow down. I can go deep and trust my inner knowing. I allow myself time to retreat from the world, to re-balance, renew, re-calibrate. I have a peaceful heart. I am tuning into my inner guidance. I am tapping into my life force and I am getting stronger. I am fully present in my body and realizing the power that I have. I am appreciating the wisdom that I have. I am enjoying my alone time. I am allowing myself to dream wonderful dreams. I am in motion, welcoming change. I am welcoming new learnings. At the same time I am realizing BEing is productive. I am grounded and present, living in the now. I am living in love, being love, and radiating pure love, and no words are necessary for that. Yes!

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