Red SunI feel victorious.  I have self-control.  I am in tune with life.  I allow myself pleasure (times infinity).  I am in tune with life. I allow myself pleasure (times infinity).  My solar plexus chakra is aligned.  I can be who I want to be.  I am worth a lot.  I am at peace with who I am.  I am omnipresent.  I am thriving.  I trust my future.  I know my worth.  I am creative.  I am open to others.  I am content with my life.  I am a teacher.  I am continuously transforming.  I can have the life that I want.  I trust my future.  My sacral chakra is working well.  My heart chakra is aligned. I am healing.  My crown chakra is aware.  My stomach is calm.  I always communicate well.  I handle life with ease.  I feel good about me.  I put my heart into everything I do.  My love is ever present.  I am thriving.

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