I am steady and ready for anything coming my way. I trust my inner instincts. I know everything I need to know. I am confident in my abilities to thrive. I feel centered and focused. I am on my game. I am equipped for the journey I am on. All of my needs are met right on time, every time. I see things clearly. I have an inner knowing that my future is bright. I am living moment by moment in a new positive way. I am excited for what is next and what is new. I am my own authority and I always know what is best for me. I am choosing to follow my heart. I am more alive and more present than I have ever been. I am welcoming this next stage on planet earth. My life is an exciting adventure and I am eager to experience the mysteries in each new day. I am allowing for freedom to expand. I am comforted to know that my environment is safe and I am seeing people respectful to each other and to the planet. Life is looking up and I am settling into a new expanded way of being. Yes!

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