I am strong, flexible, agile, and free. I am honoring my wisdom. I am honoring the expanse within which I travel. I am allowing myself to be strong and I claim that strength to be mine. I am allowing myself to go with the flow, to have ebb and flow in life. I am allowing myself the opportunity to be flexible, to be kind, to be joyous, to be happy. I’m allowing my heart to be in elation at times. I am in love with the life that I have. I’m allowing my heart to sing. I am navigating beautifully. I am agile in that navigation and that feels good. I always know what’s next. I always know what to do. I’m allowing myself to be, to be in my magnificence at all times. Yes, I am a strong one. I am very flexible. I bend with the wind.  I am allowing myself to flow. I am quick on my feet. I am very agile. I am very good at maneuvering through life with ease. Ease and flow and peace and calm, with a heart that’s open and free. I am open and free. I am free to be me and I have a heart felt connection with me, myself, and I and I love that. Yes!

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