Red SunI am strong in stature.  My body is strong.  All my cells have integrity.  I feel revitalized.  Energy easily runs through me.  My life force is steady and sure.  The matrix of life envelopes me.  I have the ability to draw strength from my environment.  I feel confident.  I am enjoying the newness of life.  I feel life force infusing me with strength.  I am grounded.  I am growing more powerful.  I am allowing earth energy to flow through me and enliven my being.  I have what I need.  My body is nourished on all levels of my being. I choose uplifting thoughts.  I fully accept my life on earth.  I am being renewed daily.  I stand tall in this body.  I am respected.  I am seen for my leadership qualities.  I am choosing to live my full potential.  I am glad to be me.  Yes!


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