I am strong.  My sacral chakra has integrity.  I am amused with life.  My heart chakra is fully functional.  I have the power to achieve my goals.  I bring my imagination into reality.  My body has freedom.  My root chakra is well defined and established.  I have plenty of time to accomplish my goals.  My body is happy and whole.  I am integrating new concepts into my life.   I am choosing to have a new relationship with my life.  I am mentally calm.  My root chakra is well grounded.  My sacral chakra has all the energy it needs.  My emotions are clear.  I stand in my power with ease.  I am thankful for my blessings and my rich bountiful life.  I fully accept my life on earth.  My heart is full of love.  I feel good about my roots.  Yes!

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