I am tapping into my inner power. I feel complete. I easily release what I don’t need. I am colorful. I am happy. I am grounded. I have all the support I need. I run powerful, clean energy through me. All my energy centers are fully tuned to the present moment. I am in command of my life. I see things clearly. I feel privileged to be living in this body in this day and time. I am centered and calm inside myself. Nature is my medicine. I receive and generate energy effortlessly. All my senses are highly developed including my spiritual senses. Life amuses me. I am having fun. I am feeling my power. I stand strong. I feel my confidence building. I am welcoming beneficial change. I am content with my life. I love opening my heart and sharing it with others. I feel my creativity streaming through my body, soul, and mind. I am expressing my potential. I have permission to be my powerful self. I feel joyful. My brain is fully activated. I always have what I need. I am prosperous and free. I am fully energized and ready for what is next. Yes!

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