Red Sun

I am that, that I AM
I am feeling very present in my body. I’m feeling very powerful. I am powerful. I feel aligned with my source, and with the cosmos, and I am feeling very connected with planet earth. I am allowing my body to be fully enveloped in the light, integrated with light. I am feeling very vibrant and alive. I am feeling very connected to all that is. I am realizing more and more that I am stepping out on truth, as I know it. I am very confident of who I am and the decisions I make. I come to each day with certainty that I am being my best me. I walk forth in this world being my best me. I know the light that I am is significantly benefiting the people in my sphere. My heart is full of love. Love surrounds me and benefits everyone in my presence. I am proud to be me. I know I am living the life I came here to live. I am being the powerful presence I am here to be. I am certain of every decision I make. My high vibration ripples out to all humanity with light and love. I am that, that I AM. Yes!

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