Yellow SunI am thinking my own thoughts. My perceptions are changing. I am open to possibilities. It is amazing how aware I am becoming. I am moving forward in new and empowering ways. I listen with my heart. I am living lovingly. I am taking right action on pure truth. I am allowing my mind and body to align with God. I have clear knowing and understanding. I feel connected to the peace of the universe. I feel present in my body. I have profound ideas. I am creative. I am open to new concepts. All the answers I need are within me. I am centered. I have greater and greater awareness all the time. I am alert and quick to respond when needed. I am clever. I am ready for change. I have stability and trust. I stand strong in who I am. All of my energy centers are fully ignited. I am confident. I listen to my gut. I am certain of my values and actions. I like who I BE. Yes!

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