Red SunI am trusting my instincts. I feel good about my decisions. I am present to what is happening now. I walk with the spirit. I feel settled in my being. I am honest with myself. I seek the truth. I am allowing my thoughts to flow. I listen to my heart. I feel my gut guiding me. I am tapped in to truth in a deep way. I feel very confident. I am standing strong. I am courageous. I see things in new ways. I am open to change. My intentions are pure. I have great vision. I appreciate my inner guidance and deeply trust it more and more. I take a stand for what I know is true. I am noticing how much my awareness is expanding. I am happy about my life. I am comfortable in my body. I have all I need. I feel inspired to move forward with what is next. I am satisfied with the answers I get. I like being tuned in. I like being in the flow. I am deeply appreciating the wisdom I am connecting into. I am calm. My mind and heart are at peace. I love who I am. Yes!

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