Red Sun

I am using time wisely. It is easy for me to check in with myself and know what is most appropriate. It is easy to use my energy wisely. I am good at judging how much time I need to accomplish tasks. I am actually excellent at organizing my time and proceeding forward in the direction that is most priority. I am allowing my priorities to utilize my time. I prioritize well. I honor my priorities. I pace myself. I’m not in a hurry and I get things done on time. I see myself as successful. I see myself making progress. I am allowing myself to be organized. I am allowing myself to be thorough in each project that I assigned myself. I make great use of my time. I use my time wisely. I see what needs my attention first and I handle that first with ease. My day is well organized. I move through time with ease. I allow myself to be relaxed and notice what is next. Even though I have a “to do” list I realize that in each moment my priorities can change. I am listening to my inner guidance on what direction makes most sense right now. Sometimes right now it makes most sense to be productive on a project that is a priority for me. Sometimes what makes sense is to relax and renew, which can be the priority of the moment. I like how I am moving forward with my life, getting things accomplished, arranging new things, learning new things. I also like that I love myself and continuously praise myself for being the best me that I am. I like my life and I love how I am unfolding everything beautifully, in the correct order, with right timing, and on purpose. Yes!

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