I am welcoming freedom. I am standing in my power fully grounded in my being. I have full reign over my body, mind, and spirit as a sovereign being. I feel light hearted. I am safe in my environment and I am enjoying the freedom I am experiencing. I am having fun. I am delighted with the playfulness that abounds. I am happy to live in this day and time where rapid change is opening me up to more freedom and awareness. All my needs are handled. I am feeling and being abundant. I am blessed with all that I have. I am seeing and feeling love come into the forefront of focus. Friendships abound. I feel very supported. My courage is unfolding more and more. I like who I am being. I am satisfied with my surroundings. My body is calm. I have a renewed sense of trust that I have all that I need. I am enjoying my spiritual alignment and awareness. I am confident in my abilities. I love walking through life divinely guided. My heart is open to love. I have an unshakable trust that all is well. Yes!

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