Dark green sunI am welcoming wealth. I am quiet inside. I am receptive to the life that I want. I am in harmony with life. I am transforming with ease. My root chakra is powerful. I like who I am. I see my choices. I have what it takes to be successful. I have compassion. I like my life on planet earth. I allow myself opportunities to contemplate. I like my choices. I am moving forward with ease and leaving the past behind. I am spiritually aligned. I am embracing new ideas. My life is full of pleasure. I have permission to succeed. I am in harmony with wealth on all levels. I have plenty of opportunities. I am tapped in to the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. I am successful here and now. I am in harmony with my goals. I enjoy the freedom that I have. I am worthy of all good things. I feel complete. My genetics are clear. I am calm and peaceful. I am experiencing deep trust. I am taking my next step in life. I have permission to enjoy life to the fullest. Yes!

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