I am well taken care of. My senses are on. I pay attention to the data my senses present. My senses are sharp. I am receptive to all good things. I allow my life to be full of ease and flow. I feel great happiness. I am letting go of worry. I am aligned with what I desire. My sense of smell is keen. I feel enthusiastic about how my life is unfolding. My ears are clear. I am in touch with all that is. My vision is clear. I am in control of myself. I have great relationships. I welcome new friendships. I am pleased with my life. I allow healing. Openly express my feelings. I am thriving. I feel heard. I fully except my life on earth. I always have beneficial choices. I feel divinely connected. I am allowing myself pleasure. My mind is sharp. I feel satisfied. My electrical system is calm. I have great connections with my family. I am choosing to have a wonderful life. I am grateful for the life that I have. I allow touch. I am strong, vibrant, and fully alive. I welcome constructive suggestions. I am spiritually aware. I welcome new ideas. I am safe on this planet. I think I am well taken care of. Yes!

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