Red Sun

I am who I know to be. I am in harmony with life. My energy centers are full of life. I am inspired to be the real me. I think for myself. I like my own thoughts. I am revered. I have been set free. I asked for what I want. I choose to put shame aside. I am emotionally stable. I have great communication skills. I make great things happen. I am aligned beautifully. My sacral chakra is evidence of my strength. I have a great rapport with nature and my environment. I am open to others. I have clear thoughts. I am very conscious. I am present to what is now. I include pleasure in my life. I am aligned with my purpose. I lead with my heart. I am healing. My body works beautifully. I give and receive unconditional love. I am kind, compassionate, and giving. I live in joy. I am strong. I have released what is not mine. I am 100% complete. I claim my power. I am embodying love. Yes!

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