Hot pink sun

I am worthy of love. People enjoy my company. I am an amazing human being. I laugh and play a lot. I am choosing to love who I am. People love the real me. I am owning the real me. I enjoy sharing my life with others. I am allowing myself to have heart connections. I have great friendships. I feel God‘s love at all times. I am important to my friends and family. I am important to myself. It’s OK that I am unusual, I like that about me. I am mentally calm. I am serene. I am fully present in my body. I put myself into everything I do. I let go of the past and move forward with ease. I like who I am. I am in harmony with life and with myself. I envision my bright future. I welcome warm serenity and kindness. I am at ease with love. I am love and that feels good. My heart is aligned with love. I have everything I need. I receive love with gladness. Yes!

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