Pink sunI be joy, I be love. I am enveloped in joy and love. I am allowing source energy, God, to infiltrate my being with joy and love. I am at peace with who I am. I am enjoying my spiritual and physical experience here on planet earth. I am feeling enlivened from within. I am allowing myself to have joyful experiences. I feel happy. I am allowing laughter and playfulness and pleasure along the way. I can be focused and get things done while I am in joy. More and more, I am learning how to live life from my heart, from love, from joy. Joyful experiences abound. I am seeing smiles on people’s faces and I am having smiles on my face. I am seeing the joy in people’s eyes. I am connecting with that joy and I am igniting the joy in myself and others. I do feel happy. I do feel healthy. And I am loving life. Yes!

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