Red SunI BE love. I am seeing myself through the eyes of love. I feel deep peace. I am relaxed feeling loved. I am miraculous. I am whole and free. I feel powerfully grounded in who I am. My life is unfolding beautifully. I love who I am being. I love the life that I have. I am open to and I am welcoming love. I continue to allow forgiveness. My heart is open to joy. My heart is full of love. I am a radiant being. I am in harmony with life. I am letting my heart sing. I love learning new things. I allow myself to have fun. I love celebrating people. I am allowing music to lift me up. I am generous and giving. I love helping people. I radiate life. I am compassionate and I am attracting compassionate people. I send loving thoughts to humanity. My love is growing stronger and more vibrant. My love flows freely. I am celebrating love and I am celebrating me. Yes!

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