Red SunI choose commitment. I am committed to life, to love, to liberty, and freedom. I am committed to moving forward in life, committed to getting things done, committed to being refreshed and renewed. I am committed to being inspired and inspiring. I am committed to the wisdom that I have and to imparting that wisdom. I am committed to the life that I have in every cell of my body. I am committed to health and wealth and well-being. I am committed to showing up for the relationships that I have with myself, the people I love, my family and friends, people I work with, and all the interactions I have with people around the world. I am taking a stand for who I am and how I show up. I am taking a stand for truth, and what I can offer, what I choose to share of my gifts and talents and wisdom. I am making a commitment to being on purpose, on time, and showing up for the correct reasons. I am on task. I am committed to having fun, enjoyment, pleasure, and joy every day. I am committed to showing up 100% in the way that is perfect in the moment. I am committed to what’s perfectly aligned with my source and pure love. I love being committed, purposeful, and in my purpose. Yes!

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