Sun-coralI like who I am.  I feel good about me.  I am one with the universe.  I feel connected to all that is.  I feel limitless and free.  I have all the answers available to me now.  I own my knowledge and wisdom.  I choose to expand my awareness.  Love is all around.  I see love everywhere.  God’s love is fully present in me always.  I feel nurtured and whole.  I am an amazing human being and I know it.  I feel spiritually aligned and in sync with who I am.  Life is good, and I know it.  All is well and I show it.  I am loving life and life is loving me.  I feel creative.  I feel spontaneous.  I feel free to be me.  I am whole.  Prosperity comes to me easily and effortlessly all the time.  I am enjoying myself.  I choose laughter and playfulness.  I am honest and light hearted.  I am giving and kind.  I feel peaceful and calm.  I am safe and inviting.  I am generous.  I am free to move forward in life.

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