Orange SunI choose to be flexible. I like myself. My senses are sharp. My body is happy. I allow flexibility. I am having fun. My stomach is calm. I am embracing new ideas. I am easily amused. I am amusing. My body is well connected and energized by planet earth. I give myself permission to be happy. I am spiritually aligned. I feel God‘s presence. My energy field is fully energized. I feel victorious. I give myself permission to go with the flow. I am Light. My brain is pliable. I am creating the life that I want. I handle environmental toxins with ease. I allow fluidity. I am relaxed about my history. I am thriving. I feel joyful. I am transforming beautifully. I am open minded. My emotions flow through me easily. Forgiveness is easy for me. My energy centers align beautifully. I know my worth. I feel my spiritual connection. I feel good about my behavior. My life is a pleasure. I am in harmony with life. I respond in beneficial ways. My body, mind, and spirit are in harmony. I give myself permission to thrive. Joy is all around. I always have enough money for the lifestyle I choose. I am OK with my imperfections. I put my heart into everything I do. I easily bring peace into my heart. I have trust and confidence to handle the unknown. I am relaxed and renewed. Yes!

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