Red SunMy sacral chakra is aligned.  My root chakra is powerful.  I have self-control.  My crown chakra is fully functional.  I am in total harmony, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I have the power to achieve goals.  My root chakra is well grounded.  I am supported.  I am in harmony.  My memory is sharp (times infinity).  I do favors when I want to.  I integrate and embody love.  I am renewing.  I hold my boundaries.  I am happy.  I am calm and grounded within day to day flow of life.  I am approved of.  I am risking my heart.  My subconscious memory is cleared.  I am allowing renewal.  I am a money magnet.  My inner sight is clear.  I am joy.  I trust my future.  I have courage.

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