Deep pink sunI choose to feel love. I am allowing my heart to be open to love. I am welcoming love. I am loving life. I am feeling blissful. I am noticing that I am full of love. I have deep self-love. I am living in joy. I share my love and joy freely. I draw the things that bring me love and joy. I am seeing the joy inside myself. I am noticing more ways to open up to love. I feel good about myself. I like living in love. I feel good about my life. I am finding joy in every day. I am noticing joy and love in people, places, and things. I am enjoying the fun, laughter, and playfulness in life. I am happy. I am enjoying being in love and joy and finding it is everywhere to be felt and enjoyed. I am being pure joy and I am being pure love, because I AM. Yes!

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