Sun-dark-blueMy solar plexus chakra is fully connected.  I have self-control. My solar plexus chakra is fully energized.  I have enthusiasm.  I am enjoying life.  I am thriving.  I am in touch with my feelings.  My sacral chakra is fully charged.  I am amused with life.  I am receptive (times infinity).  I am jubilant.  I am satisfied.  I have great trust.  I am always at choice.  My root chakra is powerful.  I have great relationships.  I am powerful mentally.  I reclaim all of my power.  Negative memories have been healed.  I am expressing my potential.  I can accomplish anything.  I feel renewed.  I have discernment.  I am willing to receive the gifts of the universe. I stand in my power with ease and grace.  Money comes to me easily.

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