I easily take in the fullness of life. I sit in awe of how wonderful my life is. I am at peace knowing all is well. I lovingly live life to the fullest. I am worthy of a great life. I feel balanced and whole. I love and approve of myself. I let my heart sing. I am living in joy. I handle life with ease and flow. I have permission to enjoy my life. I am embracing new ways of being. I am having joyous experiences often. I feel lighthearted. I easily take in deep full breaths of air. I relax easily and effortlessly. I feel congruent with life. I am aligned with what is in my best interest. I feel my joy multiplying. I welcome the new day. I look forward to what is next and at the same time I am enjoying the now. I feel expansive. I feel uplifted. I feel free to be me and free to live life to the fullest. Yes!

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