Red SunI enjoy being fully present in my body. I enjoy every cell in my body being fully alive, full of life, full of light. I like the feel of my vibration. I like the ability I have to connect to the cosmos and feel very grounded and present on planet earth in nature. I am ready to let go of what is holding me back. I am no longer hiding. I am ready to reveal to the world my magnificence. I have let go of all the chains that held me down. I am moving forward with grace, full of vibrant health and activity. My mind is sharp and alert and can connect into multi dimensions. My body is very agile, energized and easy to move in. I love the size and shape I am. I love how I show up. I love how people see me. I am willing to be seen. I am exceptional. It feels good to be seen. I allow that. I feel welcome on planet earth and I feel welcome in my body. I allow myself to be very fluid in my movements, in my thoughts, in my presence. Life is good. Life is very good. Yes!

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