Hot pink sun

I enjoy deep contemplation. I am in flow. I like inner reflection. I appreciate my divine connection. I feel deep joy, peace, and love. More and more, I am realizing what deep joy is and I’m allowing it to expand in my life. I appreciate the inner peace that I have, even in the midst of seeming chaos. I have a profound connection with nature. It feels good to be grounded and connected with the frequency of the earth, it helps me to fully occupy my body. I live my life freely and completely. I have an inner knowing that my life is unfolding beautifully. It feels good to slow down, be still, and be in contemplation mode. I am comfortable in my body, mind, and environment. I like who I am and who I be. More and more I am opening my heart and expanding into love. I easily give and receive love. I be love and I am living in love. Yes!

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