Sun-saddle-brownI feel confident in my way of doing things.  I feel connected to my goals.  I see things clearly.  I am aligned spiritually.  I have the effort it takes to complete tasks.  I feel my confidence growing.  I feel empowered.  I have a healthy self esteem.  I am honored and respected.  I have an inner knowing that things work out for me.  I am illuminating.  I have the freedom to be me.  I have opportunities to do things the way I want to.  I am calm.  I go with the flow.  People trust me.  People seek my help.  I am making significant contributions.  I feel good about me.  I am at peace with who I am.  I have great ideas.  People welcome my opinion.  I am a clear conduit for God’s love.  I connect from my heart.  I am great at producing the desired results.  I feel productive.  I am at ease with life.  I allow things to flow.  I am expanding into new experiences.  I can shift my thoughts easily.  I accomplish a lot.  I am making a positive difference.  I allow myself to be creative.  Work is fun.  I look forward to projects.  I am a great problem solver.  I am solution oriented.  I accept effortless flow.  Life is good.  Yes.

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