I feel excited about life. I am loving every moment. I am loving all the lessons and learnings I am getting. I am appreciating myself. I feel uplifted and free. I feel like I have freedom to be me. I love how nature envelops me with love. I feel fully alive and present out in nature and I visit nature often. I feel grounded. I feel connected to who I truly am. More and more I am revealing to myself what an amazing human being I am. I’m here to stay on planet earth. I feel revitalized every day. I’m moving toward well being in a big way and it feels good. I’m treating myself to the luxury of health. No matter what environment I am in I continue to thrive. I’m listening to the small voice in my head for which way to go. I’m feeling good about my body‘s ability to balance and to heal and to detox. I am feeling good about my emotional well-being. I am well taken care of. I am supported. I feel successful. I am successful. I am breathing in the breath of life. The trees are supporting me in the fresh air that I have. I feel an affinity with trees, and with the soil. I feel an affinity with the micro organisms in the soil and the beautiful life that they bring to the flowers, the grasses, the trees, the bushes, and to me and all of life really. I am one with nature, nature is one with me. I am enjoying life to the fullest. Yes!

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