Pink sun

I feel good about me. My heart is open to me. I am feeling the sensation of love throughout my entire being. And being love is what I am. More and more I’m connecting in with my heart vibration. My heart is getting stronger and stronger every day. I am feeling more and more connected to who I am, and to the reality shifts that I make by being the love that I am. I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying the freshness of ideas that come to me. I am enjoying living life to the fullest. I am enjoying settling into my true identity. I feel relaxed knowing that I am living my full potential daily. I feel privileged to be me in this day and time. I stand strong daily. I am fully equipped to handle anything that comes my way. I feel strong and vital and powerful, because I am strong and vital and powerful right now. My mind is sharp. Things come to me easily and effortlessly that I dream of. I dream big! I love the reality that I am experiencing. I love noticing how fully equipped I am. I love being settled, grounded, and present in my body. I am loving how easily and effortlessly I flow through my day being productive. I noticed my presence is very beneficial to my environment and my environment is very beneficial to me. I love being in harmony with life and in harmony I am. Love is the center of my reality. I am in harmony with love, bliss, radiance, Joy. I am that. Yes!

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