Green SunI feel good about myself.  I feel good about who I am, what I do, and how I be.  I feel good about how I affect other people in positive ways.  I feel good about my accomplishments.  I feel good about how I connect with my own self, and how I connect with God, and how I connect with the cosmos, how I connect with nature.  I’m feeling good about allowing myself to connect, to fully connect, fully embrace the life that I have.  I feel good about how alive and rejuvenated I am.  I feel good about the life that flows through me, how I represent life, and the fullness of it.  I feel good about my accomplishments, yes, and I also feel confident that I am going to make more and more difference in the world in a beneficial way.  I feel that my life is here for a purpose and I am fulfilling that purpose, and it feels good to be the me that I am.  I’ve always known my value.  More and more I am willing to share the value that I have.  More and more people see my value.  They look deeply in me and see what a magnificent human I have always been.  Yes, I am allowing myself to be more open, more free, more connected, more grounded, more whole.  I’ve always been this me and now I am willing to enjoy and embrace the me that I know to be.  And Everything that led up to how I am right now was beneficial for the reasons they were but at this time I can just leave all of my past behind me, like I am taking off a very heavy coat and dropping it to the floor and moving forward with ease and flow and newness of life.  Yes, all my history was leading up to right now, and now I am dropping the history and moving forward in a new way.  And I am opening up more light, more buoyancy, more freedom, more calm, more serenity, more peace, more being fully alive and fully present and it feels good.  And I feel good about the me that I am.  And my life, I have so much more life in my body than I’ve ever had, and I am celebrating the newness of life that I am experiencing.  And it feels good.  Yes!

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