I feel great. I am great. I am aligned with the cosmos and grounded on planet earth. I am in harmony with life. I feel inspired. I am ignited with energy both on the physical level and on the energetic level. I am continuously regenerating. I feel good about my life. I feel good about the journey that I am on. I feel happy and healthy. I am well provided for. Each day I think of all the blessings that I have, including fresh air, beautiful nature, and a calming environment for myself. I am allowing myself to be peaceful. All my systems and organs, both on a cellular level and on an energetic level are working at their peak of potential. My mind is sharp. My intentions are clear. I see my future being bright, successful, and beautiful. I am present in my body. I am enjoying my view of life. My life is expanding in the most magnificent ways. I like that. I’m doing great. Yes!

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