Orange Sun

I feel I am lucky. I am making correct decisions for myself. I feel renewed. I am living in joy. I have numerous wonderful options. Doors are opening up for me. I am enjoying my life. I am hopeful. I have positive expectations. I am seeing my dreams come true. Life seems effortless at times. I am heeding my spirit’s call. I am certain in the direction I am headed. I feel more and more freedom all the time. I feel significant. I am powerfully significant. I am accepting monetary gain often. I see a bright future ahead. I am blessed with wonderful people in my life. I feel pleased and content with who I am. I feel acknowledged and well received by others. I am playing the game of life with ease and flow. I stand strong. I feel proud of what I be. I am happy. I am healthy. I am at peace knowing everything is working out for me, perfectly. Yes!

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