Pink sunI feel inspired.  I am powerful.  I am my authority.  I choose to move forward toward my goals.  I love the life I am living.  Everything is going my way.  I am expansive.  I’m attracted to good things for myself.  I enjoy body movement.  I’m allowing my body to be toned and fit.  I appreciate my healthy body.  I am focused on my well-being.  I allow energy to flow through me with ease.  I feel grounded.  I am healthy.  I have clear thoughts.  I remain calm in chaotic times.  I allow myself to be calm and at the same time I am excited to live my life.  I love all the adventures that are set before me.  I love how doors are opening.  I love how I’m meeting new people.  I love how my energy field is expanding.  I love how my vibration is going higher and higher.  I love how aware I am becoming.  I love how I evaluate things in a more positive way.  I am loving my life.  Yes!


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