Deep pink sunI feel my heart being content. I am open to inner wisdom and joy my heart is revealing to me. I am in love with life. I am being mindful of the truth and the not truth in the world. I feel safe and well provided for. I am feeling the vibration of love on the planet. I am uniting with like minded and like vibrating people. I feel very present and confident in my being. I am seeing things clearly. I am enjoying all the pleasures that are unfolding in my presence. I am choosing to vibrate peace into the world. I feel clear. I have free flow of energy throughout my body on every level. Each cell in my body is activated with divine pure love. I am allowing myself to breathe in deeply the newness of life. I am grateful and thankful for each new day. I celebrate the freedom and joy that I have. I am proud and thankful for my purity of heart and spiritual alignment and growth. All is well in my life. Yes!

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