Pink sunI feel ready for new experiences. I feel at home in my body. I am allowing myself to have fun. I am enjoying all my human adventures. I am getting good at taking leaps of faith. I trust my instincts. I am evolving in beneficial ways rapidly. I feel safe being the real me. I am allowing wisdom to flow to me and through me. I am open to new cutting edge opportunities. When doors of opportunities open for me, I choose to walk through and explore. I am meeting new beneficial people. I am cultivating favorable relationships. I am allowing for new ways to acquire money easily and effortlessly. I am finding new pleasures in life. My creativity is opening up and blossoming more and more. I am relaxing into the new. I feel well established in my being. I like stepping out of my comfort zone and welcome the growth that provides. I feel expansive. I am exploring life in new ways and I enjoy my journey. I am richly rewarded in this life and that feels good. Yes!

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