Sun-lime-greenI feel wonderful.  I notice all the magical moments I have in my life.  I notice all the positive connections I have with people, places, and things.  I feel delighted with the way life is going.  I accept that I attract wonderful opportunities for myself to advance and expand.  I am full of productive energy.  Good ideas come into my awareness often and I choose to implement them successfully.  I am proud of myself and my accomplishments.  I look forward to achieving my goals and finishing current projects.  I celebrate my successes and the successes of others.  I have fun and schedule play time every week.  I enjoy the company of friends and family.  I like my active lifestyle and all the interesting things that are in my life experiences.  I feel calm and pleased when I look to my future because I trust that I am always well taken care of.  I feel very grounded in my present moment.  I feel strong and powerful.  I feel confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I easily attract answers to all my questions.  I love how my life is unfolding beautifully.  Yes!

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