Dark green sun
I have a deep connection to myself. I have a deep heart connection to life and to love. I am releasing stored trauma and allowing the vibration of love to direct my path. My love presence is allowing for the vibration of trauma to dissipate both from myself and from the environments that I am in. The beauty of the planet and humanity is being revealed. I continue to be amazed at the life that I have, so much life in my body, in my cells. As I connect deeply into who I am, I also deeply connect into nature and all living things. I am enjoying the wonder of it all. I see clearly, I hear clearly, and I am enjoying the deep understanding that is unfolding in me.  I am allowing myself to connect into the deep wisdom of all of life. I am getting to know myself well. I am cultivating heartfelt compassion and empathy for all of life. I am at peace within. Yes!

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