Yellow SunI have a happy body. I trust my body to work at its optimum best. I feel complete. I am fully energized. Each and every cell is functioning beautifully and its in full communication with the rest of my body. I am amused with Life. I have access to subtler levels of being. I have the freedom to enjoy life. I accept myself, just as I am. I feel safe in my environment. My body is happy. I am emotionally balanced. All my senses are sharp. I feel fulfilled emotionally. I am creating the life that I want. I put my heart into everything I do. My root chakra is very grounded and energized. My pituitary gland is at ease. I am loved. I feel satisfied. I use my imagination to create what I want. My body communicates well with itself. I am Light. I feel emotionally competent. I have free flow of energy throughout my body. I welcome pleasure. I easily let go of un-beneficial ways of being. I am moving forward and making things happen. I am in touch with my senses. My sacral chakra is at ease in its power. I have permission to be happy with this body. I am in harmony with life. My body has what it needs to heal. Yes!

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