I have a healthy body. All my systems and organs are in harmony with life. I am happy, healthy, and whole. I surrender to peace. I live and work in a healthy environment. My thoughts are aligned with my purpose. I choose beneficial relationships. I love who I am and what I do. I am a great caretaker of myself. I allow quiet time. I get all the rest and sleep that I need. My body is fully alive and fully energized on all levels. I take in excellent nutrition. I am vibrant inside and out. I have clear focused thoughts. I manage my time well. I get plenty of sunshine in time out in nature. I feel connected to the earth and all of life. I see myself vibrantly alive. I invite joy to flow through me on a regular basis. I live my life fully. I allow myself plenty of fun and pleasure. I enjoy laughter with friends. I see myself happy and playful. Body movement inspires me and I feel inspired to have an active life. I breathe freely and completely and my body is fully oxygenated. I like the life that I have. I am happy being me. Yes!

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