I have clarity and direction. I focus with ease. I am making daily progress toward my goals. I am feeling lighthearted and free. I have great understanding. I am following my heart. I trust my gut feelings. I am receptive to divine guidance. I am inspired. I am taking my inspiration to new heights. I like the exciting direction I am going. I receive new ideas all the time. New doors are opening for me. I am acknowledging my awareness is continuously expanding. I have a deep sense of trust that everything is unfolding for me beautifully. I am aligned with my purpose. I am confident. I am grounded. I have all the support that I need. I feel good about myself. I am making things happen. I have self respect. I am pleased with my progress. I am in continuous learning mode. I am moving forward with ease. I allow myself contemplation time. I feel confident about my decisions. My life is an exciting adventure. I feel good about me. Yes!

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