I have a enough love. I feel serene. I am quiet inside. I allow myself to contemplate on allowing love in. I feel satisfied. I am mentally calm. I feel supported. I feel renewed. I take full, deep, satisfying breaths. I am settled in my being. My ears are clear. I am emotionally satisfied. I see things clearly. I am focused on the desires of my heart. I allow happiness to flow. I feel at peace. My awareness is growing. Life flows to me and through me. I have always had enough love. I attract love. I have loving thoughts and actions. I am surrounded by loving people. I allow myself to feel deeply and truly loved. I hear numerous words that show I am loved. I have permission to love and be loved. Love is healing my soul. I am amused by life. My mind is clear. I like who I am. I am love. I always have more love than I can give away. Yes!

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