I have enough stored information to get me through in this life. I am choosing the path that is correct for me. I feel strong in my ways. I stand strong in my being. I always have what I need, including everything that I need. I am enjoying my life. I am celebrating life itself. I get blissful at times. There are times I am very happy to be me, living the life that I have. Being in joy happens often for me. I am allowing myself to feel into all that is and select what I want. I am celebrating my connection to nature and its healing abilities. I am tapping into my body’s intelligence and feel into what it needs. I am continuously upgrading, renewing, regenerating, revitalizing. My conscious awareness is expanding continuously. I have new visions coming in. I am being present. I am being more aware. I have a greater understanding now than I ever had, and my understanding continues to unfold. I am at peace in my heart realizing everything is unfolding beautifully for me. My body, mind, and spirit are healing. I am vibrating higher all the time. Every cell in my body is in harmony with life. I am fully charged with pure love in every part of my being. I am radiating pure love. I understand who I am and the power I have within me, and it’s fun exploring that. I feel satisfied with what I know. My body is aligned beautifully in every way. I have staked a claim on health. I am healthy. I am thriving on all levels. All my needs are met. I am taking good care of myself. I take in deep breaths and release all that does not belong. I am relaxing. I have inner trust. I am at peace knowing all is well, even when it does not feel like it. All is well. Yes!

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