I have opened the floodgates for money. Money flows to me easily, effortlessly, often, and in great quantities. I allow my life to be abundant. Things always work out for me. I have way more money than I need. I am very generous and kind. I am willing to accept gifts. I have learned to be receptive to generous people. I am well taken care of. I feel good about wealth. I am paid well for my gifts and talents. I give and receive with ease. I am prosperous minded. I manage my money and other resources wisely. I take action on my inspirations. I am aligned with wealth. I am fully available to receive an abundance of money. My heart is open to receive. I give freely. I have more than enough to share. I choose to live prosperously. I trust my inner guidance. When doors open, I investigate. I have everything I need to succeed in life. I acknowledge there is an unlimited supply. I appreciate what I have. I am a good steward of my things. I make great choices. I invest wisely and I am richly rewarded. People love to give me money. Money flows naturally to me from my creative endeavors. I am joyous, prosperous, happy, and free. Yes!

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