Yellow SunI have plenty of energy. I am in tune with life. I am colorful. I am receptive to beneficial change. I put my heart into everything I do. I am magnificent. I am strong. I am vivacious. I am kind hearted. I relax easily and effortlessly. I know my worth. I trust the heavens. I am sharp. I am emotionally at ease. I am motivated. My heart is happy. I live in joy. People find me interesting. I look forward to each new day. I am at ease around people. I am in harmony with the cosmos. My blood vessels are pliable. I open myself to others naturally. I focus on my priorities. I am moving forward with ease. My environment is beneficial to me. I trust my future. People see my worth. I am emotionally calm. I am acknowledged for my wisdom and understanding. I am moving into my future with confidence. I speak with wisdom. People hear what I have to say. I receive unconditional love. I release everything I don’t need. My energy field is strong. I feel encouraged. I am Light. I am living joy. I have permission to be happy. I have the freedom to expand. I am creative. I appreciate my imagination. I choose to be daring. I am enjoying bliss. Yes!

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