I have the freedom to make choices. My mind is sharp. I see things clearly. There are many beneficial avenues for me to choose from. I feel safe. I feel secure. I am settled in my being. My heart is happy. I am full of great ideas. Answers to my questions always find their way to me. I am enjoying the life that I have. My body is calm. I am thriving. My pituitary gland has freedom. I am amused by life. I am serene. I know my priorities. I like the relationships that I have. I put my heart into everything I do. I learn from the past as I move into the future. I am comfortable in the midst of chaos. My body is healthy. I trust the choices I make. I am full of light. I am emotionally balanced. I am liking how my life is unfolding. I am wise. I feel expansive. I care what happens. I am allowing myself pleasure. I am standing in my power. I am vital. I am in tune with my highest good. I am awakening to ultimate freedom. Yes!

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