Yellow SunI have amazing focus.  I have great self esteem.  I can accomplish everything I set out to do.  I remember what I want to, with ease.  My brain has free flow of energy.  I am alert while reading and studying.  I choose to be fully present when I am in learning mode.  I easily assimilate all the important information.  I easily remember how things look, how they sound, how they feel, how they taste, and how they smell.  I access memory with ease and speed and accuracy.  Information comes to my mind when I need it.  I am comfortable with what I know.  I feel intelligent.  I accomplish a lot.  I am proud of my accomplishments.  I appreciate I have the freedom to learn and know things.  I learn in the third dimension as well as from the spiritual dimension.  I am expansive.  All my senses are on.  I am in alignment and harmony with who I am.

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