Green SunI live in appreciation. I appreciate all the good that comes to me. I see how blessed I am. I am enjoying my environment. I delight in the friendships I have. I am partaking in meaningful activities. I am allowing myself to experience joy more and more in my daily life. I see the significance of prayer and contemplation. I cherish my alone time. I enjoy festive times with family and friends. I feel lucky to have the life that I do. I appreciate the well-being I am experiencing. I treasure my fond memories. My heart is happy. I take pride in my work. I am celebrating my health. I appreciate my home. I appreciate how well taken care of I feel. I appreciate how well my body and mind are functioning. I am happy to be alive in this day and time. I have a renewed spirit. Things are always working out for me. My heart is open to love. My heart is settled in my being. I am renewed daily. It is true. Yes!

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